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Estate Planning

I will help you plan for the inevitable by crafting an estate plan that protects your loved ones while minimizing risk.  

"[I]n this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

Let me help you minimize at least the second certainty, while planning for the first.  

Last Will

The most straightforward estate planning document.  Designate how you want to distribute your estate to your beneficiaries, appoint your chosen personal representative, name a guardian if you have minor children, and detail what you want done with your remains.  


Living Trust

Avoids probate and remains private even after your passing.  More complex than a will, but streamlines the distribution of your estate. 


Small Estate Affidavit

Streamlined probate process for estates valued at less than $100,000.  


Power of Attorney

Appoint an attorney-in-fact who can make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.  


Health Care Directive

Similar to a Power of Attorney, appoint someone who is charged with making medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated.  It also concerns end-of-life decisions should you be unable to communicate your wishes. 

Great resources are available from Buoy Advance Directives, which will help you gain comfort and confidence in both discussing this document with loved ones, and making the decision that is right for you. 


Visit to learn more about this document.  


Firearms Trust

The Washington State legislature, governor, and attorney general do not like guns.  Protect your firearms and pass them down to your beneficiaries by using a firearms trust.  


Transfer on Death Deed

A deed leaving your real property (real estate) to the beneficiary of your choosing when the current title holders (yourself and spouse) pass away.  Avoids probate and streamlines title passage.

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